Welcome to Trad Online’s latest project, a crowd-sourced book called “The World in Words: 50 professional translators give a unique perspective on their country’s culture”. Besides being a perfect gift for the traveler, language lover, or the curious human being in you – you’ll also be happy to know all profits will go to a charity we’ve supported since 2010, Planète Urgence. 

Wondering what to check out first?

You can go to the Author’s Interviews, take a look at the book, check out interviews with Planète Urgence, or our general blog. If you’re wondering who’s writing: I’m Linda (hey awesome people!) and we are Trad Online!

Finally, you can get the book for yourself or for a friend. It’s a great read on the plane towards your next destination: find out how to make pleasing conversation + how to avoid looking like an ass, read about alluring myths and linguistic mysteries from around the globe.

Our first reviews on Amazon!

First of all, I like the idea. Who can know more about a country than the insiders?
I would like to see a copy of this put into a time capsule so that not a single memory would be lost. There is no other resource that provides this awesome collection of information. I recommend it for teachers, students, mission groups, pastors, tourists, tour guides, and anyone who wants to expand his or her perception of this wonderful world we live in.
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Appreciation for the book

[Translators] share many of the same responsibilities as journalists but remain low profile and receive little appreciation or recognition for their work. "THE WORLD IN WORDS" is a celebration of these learned individuals and the world they serve. Good luck!
Mark Levit - Serial Entrepreneur, Marketing Professional, University Professor, Voice-over Artist